GQ Conditions2023-06-23T10:52:24+02:00

Sea swim conditions indicator: Nelson Mandela Bay

Green: no or light winds (any direction) small swell and small beachbreak waves, great swimming conditions, ideal for beginners

Blue West: moderate west, southwest or, northwest wind. Small sea swell and a moderate to small beachbreak wave. Likely to be a bit choppy.  No problem for stronger swimmers, also suitable for less experienced swimmers accompanied by an experienced swimmer.

Blue East: moderate easterly winds (south east , north east, etc). The sea will  be choppy  and  the beachbreak will be a moderate size and messy. Great conditions for a downwind (one way) swim (eg: Hobie to KB) for stronger swimmers.  Blue Bottles a possibility. Not ideal for beginners or weaker swimmers.

Black West: very strong westerly winds often followed by big, powerful ground swells in the bay. Beachbreak waves are big and rips are strong. Mostly occurs in winter and result from deep low pressures (cold fronts) that develop south of the country. One way swims in the strong west winds can be fun for strong swimmers. However, when the wind drops and the large swells file into the bay, swimming is for strong swimmers only, with an expert knowledge of ocean conditions in the bay.

Black East: strong easterly winds (south east, north east, etc) often blow for a few days. very big waves, ‘white-horses’, rough and messy seas.  Big beachbreak waves, with strong rips and currents.

Great downwind conditions for ‘expert swimmers’ only! Blue Bottles possible…but hopefully already blown up onto the beach😉