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“You can never cross the ocean until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”

  • Cost: R550 per person
  • Duration: Two personalised sessions in total. Sea conditions dependant.
  • Minimum Pax: 1

  • Mobility: Not wheelchair accessible but we welcome disabled swimmers.

  • Operates: daily, weather and sea conditions dependent
  • Accommodation: not included but options are available
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Are you overwhelmed by the thought of breaking through the waves to get to the open-water playground? Does the vastness of the deep blue play with your head or take away your breath? No lines, no bottom, what if I swallow water, what if… the questions that make the washing machine in your head tumble over and over. Perhaps you are a triathlete and were never taught the skill of reading the ocean, doing all your swim training in a pool, and then winging (and bombing) it on race day? Or do you simply look at those playing beyond the waves and dream of joining them as an open-water swimmer, but have no idea where to start?

All perfectly normal responses to the beautiful blue. And thresholds everyone swimming in the sea needs to cross. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a support crew ready to help guide you through your specific challenge. Our team has a strong background in lifesaving and water rescue. Each of our ocean warriors are selected for their patience and open-water swimming skills to allow them to work with you as an individual. To guide you in finding your path through the breakers and into the open water. To help you ease your mind, up your knowledge of sea, and hone your open-water skills, ultimately to find your way to becoming one with the sea.

A course for the first timer wanting to dip their toes into the awesome world of ocean swimming. Let our Ocean Warriors guide and build your confidence to take on the 400m Aquelle Ocean Series course, or come and swim the iron man course prior to race day.

R550 gets you two one hour personalised sessions. Once you have conquered the 400m course at Hobie beach, you will be ready to proceed into the Ocean Warrior monthly program. You must be proficient in the pool and can swim at least 200m without stopping, to benefit from this option. Float bouys are compulsory to start with. Wetsuits are recommended especially for the winter months.

You will learn:

  1. How to time a wave set.
  2. How to duck-dive efficiently.
  3. How to read the ocean, how to spot rips and currents.
  4. How to body surf.
  5. How to still your mind when the washing machine takes over.
  6. Skills essential to open-water swimming such as sighting, breathing, and varying your stroke.
  7. Strength and conditioning.
  8. Advice on swim safety and reading the conditions.

We also offer a personalised 12-week one-on-one workshop, click here for more info.

Let’s now introduce you to the team:

Meet ocean warrior Andre van Rooyen

He’s been in lifesaving for 50-years, coached little nippers (young life savers in training) for eight years, coached junior and senior life saving athletes, is an expert surf skier, surf-boat, paddler, and ocean swimmer. He’s been to SA champs…essentially he has been flossing his teeth with sharks since you were in diapers. His stoic face hides volumes of ocean knowledge which he shares in intuitive ways. He remains the oldest swimmer to swim around the Cape Recife Lighthouse and he delights in catching every wave he can.

Meet ocean warrior Mary Anne Stott

She has a strong swimming and surf lifesaving background and is currently a rescue swimmer with Coastal Water Rescue. She has many years of racing experience and was the overall winner for the 3-km Aquelle Ocean Racing Series in 2022 & 2023. She has also completed five Ironman triathlons and remains the only lady to have completed every Zsports Bellbuoy Challenge since it began in 2010. Occasionally dolphins stop her to ask her the way.

Meet ocean warrior Ian Thomson

The smile says it all, a modest husband and father, with a heart of gold, patience of a saint and swims like a fish. He is passionate about the ocean and open-water swimming. Often heard to be saying; “the ocean is my “happy place”.” Ian has been swimming for years and has several top-notch events under his belt. Including: completing 2 x Ironman (PE), 5 x 70.3 (EL) races, 7 x Bellbuoy Challenges, 1 x Robben Island, and a 10-km swim in our beautiful bay.

He’s in the ocean at least five times a week – if you’re counting, that’s roughly 10-km of open water a week.

That’s our team. Each an experienced open-water athlete and swimmer, each with years of experience of teaching others to break through the surf holding swimmers back.