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  • Cost: R350 per person per month
  • Inclusions: 2-3 one on one ocean swims with a warrior per week. 8 in total a month. Sea conditions dependant.
  • Swim at your own time and your own pace with expert guidance.
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What to expect from an ocean warrior one-on-one session:

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of breaking through the waves to get to the open-water playground? Does the vastness of the deep blue play with your head or take away your breath? No lines, no bottom, what if I swallow water, what if… the questions that make the washing machine in your head tumble over and over. Perhaps you are a triathlete and were never taught the skill of reading the ocean, doing all your swim training in a pool, and then winging (and bombing) it on race day? Or do you simply look at those playing beyond the waves and dream of joining them as an open-water swimmer, but have no idea where to start?

All perfectly normal responses to the beautiful blue. And thresholds everyone swimming in the sea needs to cross. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a support crew ready to help guide you through your specific challenge. Our team has a strong background in lifesaving and water rescue. Each of our ocean warriors are selected for their patience and open-water swimming skills to allow them to work with you as an individual. To guide you in finding your path through the breakers and into the open water. To help you ease your mind, up your knowledge of sea, and hone your open-water skills, ultimately to find your way to becoming one with the sea.

Work with one of our ocean warriors in a one-on-one session designed for your needs, learn the ins and outs of open-water swimming. You need to be able to swim at least 500m continuously in a pool to benefit from these session. It is important to note that open water swimming requires a basic level of swim competence. These sessions are not for learning to swim, but for enhancing excising swimming skills and adapting them to an open water environment. 

Sessions are R350 per person for up to 8 sessions (30 min) a month. The first swim is an assessment swim, after which you will be grouped into a micro-swim group with one or two other swimmers of the same competency.

You will learn:

  1. How to time a wave set.
  2. How to duck-dive efficiently.
  3. How to read the ocean, how to spot rips and currents.
  4. How to body surf.
  5. How to still your mind when the washing machine takes over.
  6. Skills essential to open-water swimming such as sighting, breathing, and varying your stroke.
  7. Strength and conditioning.
  8. Advice on swim safety and reading the conditions.

Meet ocean warrior Kevin Taylor

With a strong conservation background, a love for the open water and adventure combined with a passion to share these experiences, he is the perfect ocean warrior to partner up with.
Kevin grew up on the Kwa Zulu Natal coast and spent countless hours in the sea body boarding,
diving, spearfishing and body surfing. He has completed several Fish River Canoe Marathons, River Miles and Ocean Series. He loves discovering new waters to swim whether it be fresh or salty. Kevin swims 3-4 times a week and enjoys calm or the wilder swells, clocking over 200 kilometres of swimming in the ocean annually.